The Business Still Lifes | 2011

The Business Still Lifes. Bruno Bossini Memorial Foundation, Barcelona.
Grey literature, bilingual (German/Spanish), softcover 20×12.5cm, 102 pages.


The work of French photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand, whose stunning photo book Earth from Above unfolds the splendour of our planet, has found many imitators. The Business Still Lifes enlarges the exhaustive list of publications inspired by Arthus-Bertrand, unveiling the drastically different perspective of German entrepreneur and frequent flyer Bruno Bossini, who mysteriously disappeared in April 2010 while travelling on board a commercial aircraft.

Bruno Bossini and Stefanie Herr debut with a book of unorthodox aerial photographs, whose simplistic imagery invites the adult reader to reflect on how human activity irremediably alters the face of our planet.

Publication contains 16 full color aerial photos of coach airline tray tables, as well as 29 supplementary close-up views of disposable tableware and hygiene items. Limited edition of 100 numbered copies, far from being sold out. 15 Euro plus postage, only available through this website. Place your order now!