The second OSTRALE Biennale and also 12th international exhibition for contemporary art Dresden will be dedicated to the theme “ism”.

Isms are mostly used as dogmas, juxtaposition, concept of art and social values. Always produced by man, they are also delimitations to other world views. The subject and the collective perception are inextricably linked in art with the current discourses. Here, too, the new media are increasingly allowing limits to be tested. While digital reality and fiction are increasingly blurring the boundaries between reality and fiction, traditional isms are being used again to support, defend and stabilize our values and worldview.

What is art, what can art and, in particular, what is art allowed to do?

Should we reset, reconsider attitudes, use ism as a discussion and mindset, direct the expanded concept of art as a universal destiny of human creativity to all areas of the lifeworld reality “ism”?

Dates: From July 3rd, 2019, until September 1st, 2019*
Opening reception: Wednesday, July 3rd, 2019, 6:00pm
Venue: Historische Tabakfabrik f6 Striesen, Schandauer Straße 68, Dresden, Germany*

*As part of the Biennale O19, the decentralized exhibitions will take place from 11th June to 8th September 2019 in several venues across Dresden, such as Gedenkstätte Bautzener Straße, Goethe Institut, Ausländerrat Dresden, and Alte Feuerwache Loschwitz.



Famous photo festival held in the Aragonese locality of Barbastro, known worldwide for its illustrious and revered pink tomato. A contribution to contemporary culture, now in its sixth edition, carried out with great ambition and scarce resources. See also miracle. Exaltation of photographic qualities that participants believed to be extinct, out of reach and/or divine.

I am pleased, honored and humbled to have my project “Les chefs d’oeufre” selected to be shown in a solo exhibition as part of this year’s festival.

Dates: From June 7th, 2019, until June 30th, 2019
Opening reception: Friday, June 7th, 2019, 8:00pm
Venue: El Moliné – Sala 1, Plaza Guisar 5, Barbastro, Spain



The exhibition showcases fifty-three works spanning a variety of media by eighteen architects, that were selected through a competition organized by the Colegio Territorial de Arquitectos de Alicante CTAA. Curated and designed by architect Luisa Martí Tormo, it has been conceived as a house for eighteen inhabitants who are actually one and the same person: the architect.

Participating artists: Adrían Marmolejo Clarhed, Alejandro Ibarra Huesa, Ángel Gambín Pallarés, Antonio Macía Mateu, Carlos Paternina Die, Fabio María Sedia, Francisco Leiva Ivorra, Iván Juárez, Javier Martínez Medina, José Fernández-Llébrez Muñoz, Josep Maria Congost i Timoner, Julio Palacios Santos, Liliana Palaia Pérez, M. Teresa Iborra Ferrer, Ricardo Vidal, Stefanie Herr, Vero McClain, Vicente Castillo Guillén.

Dates: From May 16th, 2019, until July 14th, 2019
Opening reception: Thursday, May 16th, 2019, 8:00pm
Venue: Fundación CAM – Sala de Exposiciones Emilio Varela, Avda. Ramón y Cajal 5, Alicante, Spain