Oeuf.re Open Call Winners Announced!

Dear Participants of the Oeuf.re Art Project:

Many thanks for heeding my 2016 call and submitting an incredible variety of egg boxes for my latest art project. Without your support, egg production and packaging would have been much lonelier and far less fun!

Unsurprisingly, my open call did not even remotely get the public attention as, say, Ai Weiwei’s appeal for LEGO bricks in 2015 – all in all a total of 45 participants from more than 10 countries joined my project -, but precisely for this reason each of your contributions has been extremely valuable. And since most of you submitted more than one egg carton, the results have been quite impressive.

Finally it’s time to know the winners of one or more genuine cardboard eggs that have been raffled off among all participants today! One grand prize consisting of a unique Chef d’oeuf.re (whose package is yet to be determined) goes to:

Ernesto José Bueno Castro, Malaga, Spain

Three additional prizes, each consisting of one exquisite cardboard egg, go to:

Hannelore Hoffmann-Bäuch, Hamburg, Germany
Isabel Dominguez, Stockholm, Sweden
Clara Manger Cats, Haarlem, Netherlands

Congratulations to the lucky ones!
(If the grand prize winner cannot be traced or rejects his prize, then number two on the list becomes number one and everyone else on the list moves up one spot.) Your prizes will be sent to you by post toward the end of March, at the latest.

I would like, at this point, to express my special thanks to:

my sister Michaela, for having been able to motivate a far larger number of friends and colleagues to get involved in the project than the artist herself, for always being a passionate co-collector and especially for the cool tubular mesh bag from South Korea,

Hans Geilinger, for his youthful enthusiasm and in his role as my main importer/exporter/wholesaler/distributor of fresh eggs from the Swiss Confederation,

the Schiefer family, for their kindness and generosity in response to my written request, providing me not only with one of their boxes from their egg vending machine at Vorderklinglhub, but also with some additional Austrian egg boxes,

Wolfgang Kuhn, for making every reasonable effort to ensure adequate compensation for the damage caused by the postman, who had shown no qualms about squeezing the entrant´s first egg box through the slot of my mailbox,

María Irene González Casado and Ernesto José Bueno Castro for their original contribution of two painted egg boxes produced at Pedro Dougnac workshop Malaga, that touched me like no other. Although I have decided not to use your artworks as part of the final Oeuf.re, I promise I will take good care of them to preserve one of the project´s most beautiful memories,

Anne-France Jacquart, early advocate of my project, for her enthusiasm and generosity, and in particular for providing a fertile breeding ground for my cardboard eggs to grow: La Place Artspace,

and last but not least, to Gladis and Tino and my parents, direct witnesses of my temporary addiction to shopping egg boxes, for their almost infinite patience when touring every supermarket in their respective and adjoining municipalities and during the journeys we made.

Though I have fortunately accomplished my goal of producing 300 cardboard eggs throughout 2016 by now, Oeuf.re is still far from complete. Any results presented to date are merely preliminary. In the coming weeks I am going to photograph all egg boxes once again and then make a final selection. At a later stage, these images will be available in limited editions of 6 (or less, depending on the number of eggs displayed). A small selection of egg boxes has been recently published on Designboom, see here.

I hope you enjoyed your collecting activities as much as I did and would be delighted to welcome you back in future occasions. If you wish to join my mailing list to receive occasional updates about my work or events, please do not hesitate to let me know.

Thanks again for supporting my work, greetings from Barcelona!

Stefanie Herr
January 16, 2017